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Improving quality of life in the Linden community

We are deeply grateful for your interest in helping LIRA to support the spiritual, educational, social, and economic development of the community. Your contribution will enable us to make a difference in the lives of Linden residents and the community at large.

OMAT and LIRA Initiatives

Learn about LIRA's latest OMAT initiaves and goals and where we are headed in the future.

Church Renovations

Learn how we are helping upgrade Linden-area SDA churches with our reonvation projects.

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Pew Upgrades

Help us upgrade pews for the several SDA churches.
This helps create an adequate worship space for our churches.

Teacher Training

Otherwise known as our "Summer Institute" program for teachers. This helps give our teachers additional training and resources.

Special Needs Center

This program funds the ongoing needs for our special needs center for children.
Click below to learn more.

Musical Showcase

This funds our musical showcase program where people with musical talents put on a wonderful event to Praise the Lord3
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LIRA’s Donor’s Circle Membership Dues are $25 (annually), for individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Children who are 17 years of age, or younger, are covered under their guardian’s membership.
You will be taken to our virtual store where you can purchase multiple memberships.
  • Upcoming Events

Be Ready For Our Events


Jan 2024

Funding For Food

  • 9.30AM – 8PM
  • 1810 Kings Way, NYC


Feb 2024

Protect Eco System

  • 9.30AM – 8PM
  • 1810 Kings Way, LA


Mar 2024

Education For Children

  • 9.30AM – 8PM
  • 1810 Kings Way, LV

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  • Our Causes

Some LIRA Project Updates

Church Pew Upgrades

LIRA is raising funds for SDA church upgrades where they are most needed. We have already completed several churches pew upgrades and are currently working on three more.

Children's Center

Our Children's Center for Special Needs is one of our newest projects that impact the Linden community. Please consider supporting these children today.

Teacher's Institute

Our summer teacher's institute help train area teachers with additional skills and certifications so that they can deliver a quality education to the children.
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Global Partner
Save Children
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Our Expert Team Members

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Mike Bryan

CEO / Founder

Mike Bryan

CEO / Founder
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Many Ways To Help

Build relationships among Lindenites (in Guyana and abroad) and promote, support and lead programs that help support their spiritual, educational, social and economic development.


Become a LIRA Member. Donate your money and time to programs that help support the spiritual, educational, social and economic development of Linden residents.


Promote Lindenite-owned businesses on LIRA website and use revenue for programs that help support the spiritual, educational, social and economic development of Linden residents.


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We are a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Linden area. We hope you will consider contributing today.

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